CrossFit and the sense of community

As you’ve probably already read, i have recently taken up a new sport, namely CrossFit (the sport itself isn’t new, i am new to it). You can read all about the sport and the box i go to here. Replay CrossFit is led by the woman who brought CrossFit to Romania back in 2012, Luminita, and her husband Joe Velarde.

What i love about CrossFit, besides the constant challenges and sense of achievement i get after finishing every WOD, is the community that emerges around the members of the box and the owners.

The sense of community in CrossFit is something that is unique to the sport, everyone knows everyone, fellow CrossFitters will always encourage you to perform better, will help you with adjusting your technique and will even hang out outside the box.

This is not something that occurs in regular, commercial gyms. People are not united, you just get in, do your workout with your headphones on, and get out.

Now i know this sense of community and close relationships may appear weird to people outside CrossFit, being too tight of a knit, but it is something that has many benefits for athletic performance, first and foremost. Since working out at Replay i have outperformed myself in many ways, my overhead press got to a 30kg 5 rep max, i climbed ropes, i learned kipping pull-ups and handstand push-ups, i now squat my body weight and have done some of the toughest benchmark workouts, things i didn’t think i could do late last year.

And the best thing is i now have a big group of new friends that like to workout as much as me, or even more, but also enjoy hanging out, with good food and good conversation, checking out new places and bonding outside the gym.

The power of CrossFit Community is what drives athletes to always be better than yesterday, it inspires progress, and improves performance. And best of all, you make new friends along the way that will always be there for you at the box and outside of it, too. Your new CrossFit family. Join mine by signing up for a free lesson (only for CrossFit beginners) at Replay CrossFit!


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