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Preliminary Results for GoKlaus Questionnaire Series

Confidence in the future (both short term and long term) is very high among our respondents.

 In Romania things will go: long term (5 years) short term (6 months)
frequency % valid answers frequency % valid answers
a. in a good direction 1280 92,62 879 63,88
b. same as now 65 4,70 465 33,79
c. in a bad direction 37 2,68 32 2,33
99.dont know 61 67
total 1443 100 1443 100

multumire pe termen lung

multumire pe termen scurt

Words associated by responders with Victor Ponta: liar, plagiarist, arrogant, corrupt, communist are the top 5 words.

nor cuvinte ponta 16 nov-21 dec versiune 2

Words associated by respondents with Klaus Iohannis: correct, serious, hope, trust, honest, respect, calm, intelligent.

nor cuvinte johannis 16 nov-21 dec

We remark the fact that these results have limited relevancy, due to the way respondents were selected. Even if the results reflect the way our respondents view the future, we are unable to extrapolate the results to the entire population. To maximize the quantity of information we can extract from this research, we will analyze the responses longitudinally, throughout the entire presidential mandate, 3 times a year.

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