Insanity Asylum Vol. 1

Last night i wanted to give Insanity Asylum a try. Very bad move, but more on that later.

Insanity Asylum is the Insanity version for athletes. It is a whole new level of insane. Most of the workouts are 45-60 minutes long, none of them is even remotely shorter. The calendar is a month long, and you only get a few rest days, other than that it is all work, and no play.

Insanity’s focus is High Intensity Interval Training, but Asylum brings in sports progression drills. Insanity workouts are all body weight based, but Asylum brings in weights, resistance bands, chin-up bars, and tools for agility.

The workouts are:

  1. Speed & Agility
  2. Strength
  3. Back to core
  4. Vertical Plyo
  5. Game Day
  6. Relief
  7. Overtime

I tried Strength yesterday. Boy, what a workout! In 48 minutes i burned over 500 calories, and was drowning in my own sweat. The drills are insanely hard, but very rewarding. You go from curls to squats to push-ups in the same exercise. It really wasn’t a bad move, but boy did I feel challenged! Insane!

You can see my workout data here:

I am going to try and keep at it for a month, this is how long the calendar is, and keep you updated about my progress.

Wish me luck!

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