Insanity Asylum Vol. 1 – Back to core & Vertical Plyo

As promised, i’m trying to review the next two workouts of the Asylum.

Wednesday was Back to core and yesterday was Vertical Plyo.

Insanity Asylum Back to core

a comprehensive workout that focuses on your back, and the entire back of your body. It is 45 minutes long, and the equipment you will need is a yoga mat, a towel, and a green resistance band (which i did not have, and you can get by without). This workout differentiates itself from others in that it works the back of your core, which most others neglect.

The moves are variations of jumping jacks, side lunges, hip-ups, and reverse planks. All of these work your body so good. In some of the hip-ups sometimes you have to keep one foot in the air, and both arms in the air. Now that is a challenge! I loved those moves, because i could instantly feel the burn.

All in all, i would have to say this is one of my favorites so far.

Check out my Garmin Vivofit data from it:

Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo

is a completely different level of a beast. Even if you are already in a decent shape, this workout will make you crawl on the floor in exhaustion. Equipment needed: speed rope, power bands, and agility ladder. Some of these, like the speed rope, and power bands, you can go by without. But do not skip the agility ladder.

The warm up is a jump rope series of exercises, with tuck jumps, spider lunges, and such. This warm up could be considered a workout on its own, that’s how challenging it is.

After the stretch, you really get into the business with: standing long jumps, tuck jumps, single leg power jumps!!!, mountain climber switch kicks, scissor jumps, lateral jumps, and recovery jumps like single leg jump rope (recovery, riiiiight).

And when you think you could do no more of this jumping craziness the final stretch comes in like a blessing.

I bought a pair of Reebok Crossfit nano 3.0, and it’s the best thing i could have done for my knees. Back when doing Insanity i had only running shoes, and my knees were killing me after every workout, but not anymore. The Crossfits are the best investment i ever made in terms of fitness equipment.

If you want to see how I did on Vertical Plyo, Garmin Vivofit provides the intelligence bellow:

What do you think, will you consider giving this series a go?
I will follow up with the rest of the workouts, as i progress through them.
PS: I have to take a 3-day break though, because i have a business trip coming this weekend.

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