Grad School

Why did I decide to go back to school?

I went back to school in the Fall of 2013, after a 3-year pause. I started a graduate program, MA, Multimedia, and Audio – Video Production in October 2013.

The reasons behind this decision were diverse. First of all, ever since i graduated and got my Bachelor’s degree, my mother kept pushing me towards applying to a Masters program. At the time, it didn’t seem as important as getting a job and some precious work experience. So i went on and did that for 3 years.

I worked in 2 companies in those 3 years, and learned a lot, from setting up a WordPress website, to special software for medical systems, pharmacies, and even more. All of my skills have been acquired in the time i worked, and educated myself towards my degree. It felt like a good deal.

Exploring more,  and more companies, and working with more, and more people, i realized that, at least here in Romania, most people do have a Masters degree. This was another factor in my decision.

Often times, i felt that my education was incomplete, ultimately this was the main reason i applied to grad school. When I was doing my undergrad, the Multimedia, and Audio – Video production program always felt like something i would enjoy, and learn from.

I applied, got in with a 10, and kept at it for a year now. Only one year left, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the things i learned in the process. Also, I am now considering a PhD, but more about this when the time comes.

How do you feel about your education? What did you choose?

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