Garmin Vivofit Review

Garmin Vivofit is the newest addition to fitness tracking wearables. In this already populated market it seems hard to get something new in, but Garmin comes and proves us wrong.

What is Vivofit?

It’s a fitness tracker, that tracks your steps, calories, activities, sleep, heartbeat during physical activities (with the HRM bundle). It lets you set goals, and monitor your progress. Also, it shows time and date. Vivofit is available in a wide range of colors, and comes with two bracelets, one large, and one small. It has a pretty large screen, where it displays all of this info. You can switch through different displays by pressing the only button it has.

Perhaps the best part about Vivofit is that you don’t need to charge it, the battery lasts for one year. You never have to take it off, as it is also waterproof. The only downside to this is there is no back light.

Steps tracker

Vivofit tracks all of the steps you make in a day. When you haven’t been active for an hour a red line will appear on the screen, encouraging you to move. Something in the area of 100 steps will reset the line. If you don’t start moving when the first red line appears, a new, smaller one will appear every 15 minutes, for up to two hours. This larger line is harder to shake :) Daily steps goal is dynamically  adjusted based on the number of steps from the previous days.

Calorie tracker

Vivofit tracks calories based on the data you input at set up (such as age, weight, height with the help of which it calculates your BMR), and your daily activity. At the end of the day it reports BMR calories, and active calories, from walking or activities.


If you have the Heart Rate Monitor Bundle, you can track activities, and receive reports based on your heart-rate information. In order to start an activity, you should press the button on the tracker until you reach the Heart screen. At that point, the tracker will pair with the chest strap and start recording your heart rate. For an activity to be registered it has to be longer than 10 minutes.


Vivofit tracks the levels of motion in your sleep, and displays a chart the next day. To enter sleep mode, hold the button for 5 seconds. Given that there is no backlight, it could be hard to enter sleep mode, given that a 3 second hold will get you to sync mode.

All of this data is graphically displayed in Garmin’s connect website, or the iOS app. In order to see data from the Vivofit in Connect you have to sync the device to your computer/phone.


If you want to read more about the device, or purchase it, go to Garmin’s Website. I strongly recommend you get the HRM Bundle. Buy your own here, if you are shopping in Romania.

What devices do you use to monitor your fitness progress?

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